Library Building

augusta township public library

4500 Country Road 15 (in Algonquin)
RR 2, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 5T2

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Phone: 613-926-2449
Opening hours:
Monday: 1:00 to 5:00
Tuesday: 1:00 to 8:00
Wednesday: 9:00 to 1:00
Thursday: 1:00 to 8:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 1:00
Librarians:  Angie Knights, Linda Parrott

The Augusta Township Library Board would like to thank all those who applied for the position of Library Clerk.  Those candidates who have been invited for an interview have now been contacted. We received many excellent resumes but unfortunately had to restrict the interviews to five persons.  We appreciate the interest expressed in our library and wish you all success in your search for library employment.

Available to our Library patrons: the Ontario Library Service collection of tens of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks, powered by OverDrive, and available at the OLS Download Centre.

These books may be read (or listened to) via devices like e-readers, tablets and smartphones, but may also be read in your browser on a computer, or listened to via the OverDrive Media Console application. Full information on how to get started with Overdrive is available from the OverDrive Help page.

Our Web Catalog allows you to search our collection for books, enter reserve requests, check due dates for books you have out, and renew loans. For basic information on using the Catalog, see Getting Started.

Our Online Information Sources provide a wide range of services and databases, with the World Book encyclopedia, travel and health information, reader advisory sources, material for kids and teens, research resources, and more. These resources can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.

New: two additional online information databases, previously only available on computers at the Library, can now be accessed from home. They are Global Road Warrior and A to Z Maps Online, and together they provide extensive resources for research and travel planning. To connect to them, please visit the Online Information Sources page.

Computing at the Library: our building offers free WiFi connectivity, providing Internet access for smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and other devices. We have seven desktop computers available for patron use, with application software such as Microsoft Office. In addition to general web browsing, these PCs feature links to the Ancestry genealogical site, Consumer Reports Online, A to Z Maps Online, and Global Road Warrior.

Support your Library: like us on Facebook! Check on Mondays for "Thought for the Week" and on Wednesdays for "Librarian's Pick of the Week". You can also visit the Library pages on Pinterest.

Museum Passes at the Library: if you love to go to Museums, then these free family passes are just the thing. Passes for up to 5 people are available for the following Ottawa museums: the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. See for museum details.
Pleas talk to the Librarian for more information on the free passes.

New Large Print books available: the Library recently subscribed to the Ontario Large Print Pool, an arrangement which provides us with 100 new books in Large Print format every three months. These books can be borrowed for the usual three-week loan period, although renewals will not be possible.

The second group of these books are now at the Library and are available for loan. To get a list of these 99 titles, go to our online Catalog and type LPP into the search box. Or, just drop into the library and browse the books in person.

Used Books For Sale: the Library always has lots of items for sale, at the bargain price of 25 cents. Look for them when you visit.

Book Donation Policy: the Library welcomes donations of books and other materials.  However, we cannot accept the following: books older than 5 years, computer books older than 1 year, condensed or abridged books, textbooks, and damaged or mildewed books. If you are unsure whether material would be useful to the library, please speak to the librarian before donating.

Financial Donations: if you use and value the services provided by our Library, perhaps you would consider making a donation. Gifts of any size are always welcome and appreciated, and tax receipts can be provided for donations of $20 or more. Donations can be made in person at the Library, or via PayPal.